Top 10 Best Things to do in Belleville, Ontario

The world is full of elegant historical architectures and beautiful nature, that we seem to ignore because of our tedious life. Holidays are the best way to explore this world and see what amazing things are there to experience. History tells us a lot about our past, how things used to look, how everything seems to work and as someone has truly said, one always gets excited to see the amazing architecture of that era that was constructed even without the technologies we currently have.

One such city to explore is Belleville, Ontario. Situated on the eastern end of Lake Ontario and at the starting of Moira River, it is full of amazing sights and destinations to explore. Here are the top 10 sights to absolutely visit when in Belleville, Ontario.

Top 10 Best Things to do in Belleville Ontario

Glanmore National Historic Site

This is a very popular tourist destination in this region, with gothic style architecture, it serves both as a museum and also a historic house. Build during 1883, this was used to be the house of Banker John Philpot Curran Phillips and his wife Harriet. This was declared a National Historic Site due to its Empire Style Architecture. The museum is an amazing sight to visit to see the articles which were once a part of the Historical House and also multiple artifacts from the same era.

Tyendinaga Cavern and Caves

We have all seen tunnels or subways being dug for trains or vehicles to pass, but the ancient idea behind these tunnels is obviously the natural caves and valleys which existed, to cross mountains easily. Caves are great for the people who love to explore areas with a lot of history behind it. Here, you will easily be able to see drawings and handmade tools made of rock and many more artifacts of the ancient era. It has a guided tour and is open from Victoria Day to Labour Day, so if you are visiting during this time, it would be a great place to check out.

Shorelines Casino

Love to try your luck or just want to do some casual gambling? This might be the perfect place curated for you. This casino is pretty new with a large number of slot machines, poker tables and many more. It is a perfect location to spend a beautiful evening. Just remember, you have to be 19+ in order to enter this casino.

Vanderwater Conservation Area

Visiting the city area in either summer or winter? This is definitely a place you need to check out. In winters, the whole area gets covered with snow and is a popular spot for skiers and snowboarders. It is spread over 257 Hectares and one can easily snow-ski, ice-skate or just have fun. If you are visiting during the summer time then this will be the perfect spot for hiking, biking along the dirt road and looking at the beautiful views along the river.

HR Frink Conservation Area and Outdoor Education Centre

This is another conservation area but is full of wildlife. It’s also an education centre and hosts tours. Usually, people park their vehicles in the North Parking lot and multiple hiking trails starts from their and they hike along them. Fishing is also very common in this region. One thing to keep in mind is the gates close at 4:00 pm so if you are planning to visit this place then manage your time accordingly.

Bay of Quinte

The bay of Quinte is a popular destination for fishing and all kinds of water sports like kayaking, canoeing, or just chilling on the shores. This bay is shaped in the form of letter ‘Z’ and is located on the northern part of Lake Ontario, west of the head of Saint Lawrence River. If you want to have fun in the water or just want to do some casual fishing then this may be the place for you.

Let’s have some fun in Breakout Belleville

Feeling adventurous or playful, then breakout Belleville is waiting for you. It is an amusement centre with numerous escape rooms and also an AXE throwing area. It’s a great location to test our wit by finding clues and completing escape room in the given set of time, or just want to practice your aim at throwing AXEs at logs, watermelons and many more. Nevertheless, it’s a lot of fun and a great place to surely checkout.

West Zwick’s Island Park

As the name suggests it’s an Island Park, but its more than just being a usual park, it has loads of good views, surrounded by water on all sides and also a large number of local events are held here such as the Canada Day, Poutine Fest and many more. It has long paved paths for walking and also has a big playground for kids to play.

Belleville Scout-Guide Museum

This museum was a totally different experience. It was constructed in 1975, and contains scout- guide memorabilia. This museum features over 40,000 items which include books, magazines, uniforms, postcards, badges and many more things. These were the artifacts which girl or boy scouts used to carry on their trips and all the items are preserved in this museum so called the Scout-Guide Museum.

Moiré River

Originally called the Sagonaska River, MoirĂ© River was renamed in 1807 by the British Colonial Government. It starts from the source, flows through the centre of the country and then ends on the Bay of Quinte, in Belleville. It is a popular spot for rafting, canoeing or just casual fishing. It’s an awesome location to visit on a sunny evening, sitting nearby the cool river water, rafting around the small tributaries which generate from this river and looking at the jaw-dropping views all around it.

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