5 Steps To Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the center of a tremendous amount of activity. And because of that, it gets cleaned regularly – but how often does it really get deep cleaned? That’s something to think about either next time you have some time to yourself, or for some reason you can’t find the source of a smell that permeating from on, or inside, your stove.

So, once you’ve locked down some minutes to really get down and dirty, five steps to deep clean your kitchen include clearing out the garbage disposal, cleaning the inside of light fixtures, scrubbing the stove, cleaning the backs of cupboards, and degreasing.

5 Steps Should be Followed To Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Clear Out the Garbage Disposal System

The garbage disposal system is going to lay claim to some of the gnarliest smells in your kitchen. And because there is some amount of danger involved, to really deep clean that sucker, you probably want to call a garbage disposal technician. This is a person with special tools and experience that can make your appliance work like new again, and erase the mild smell of rotting veggies that’s been hanging out.

Clean the Insides of Light Fixtures

If you have any light fixtures in your kitchen, you know that’s where bugs are going to eventually nest and rest. Those black dots under the clear covers go unnoticed for a long time until suddenly there are hundreds of them blacking out the light. So get some tools to take those light covers off and get to sweeping and scrubbing those insides until they shine.

Scrub Out the Stove

Anything cooking in your stove that either doesn’t have a dish underneath, or bubbles over edges, is going to end up turning to charcoal on the bottom of your stove. So buy some stove cleaner and some sponges, and take that deep cleaning task on today. Lots of stoves say that they are self cleaning, but most aren’t up to the task, or create worse problems with the burning smells they create.

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Get Things Out of the Back Of Your Cupboards

And what about the food hiding in the backs of your cupboards? The packages that are several years past their expiration dates, that just keep getting shoved back further? If you want to deep clean, you have to pull them forward and check them for safety and odor.

Degrease On and Above Your Cooking Area

And finally, if you do much with pots and pans on top of your stove, you’re going to get layers of grease on the surface and in the vent grease fan. Buy a degreaser, or even make your own degreaser, and tackle that problem to help get rid of nasty kitchen smells and feels.Click Here to Check Out Best Degreaser.

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