5 Safety Maintenance Tips for Your Home

The better you handle the maintenance of your home with preventative techniques, the less likely you’ll run into some sort of catastrophe that could have been avoided. So you’re left to wonder why it is that so many things do happen to homeowners!

5 Safety Maintenance Tips for Your Home

The easy answer is that they probably just didn’t take the time to think about a few things in advance. It’s easy to get complacent about things that should work, or things that have always been there. But, if you don’t go through the following five safety checks regularly, you could be asking for trouble.

5 Safety Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Tune Up Your Garage Door

Garage doors are heavy and get worked hard over the course of their lifetimes. There are big motors, big chains, and heavy parts. There are concerns with weather on the outside, and dirt on the inside. It’s no surprise then that one of the things to consider first in terms of home safety maintenance is the last time you got a tune up for your garage. It’s a bit of a specialized task, which means that you should generally have the pros do it.

Check Fire Alarms and CO2 Detectors

And as far as human safety inside your home goes, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors need to be checked regularly. This means checking to see if their batteries are still good, and that the internal mechanics of them are still good as far as making noise at the appropriate times. How many disasters do you think have been averted because the right sensors worked correctly? And how many disasters have occurred because of them malfunctioning?

Check Fire Extinguishers

Every few months you should check your fire extinguishers as well. Make sure they are charged, and make sure you have enough to cover the entire area of your home as well. Depending on the size of your house, you may need several. And they really don’t cost all that much, so they are definitely pieces of safety equipment that you don’t want to skimp on to cut costs.

Look for Landscaping Hazards

If you have large trees in your yard, you should make sure to maintain them so there is no danger of them falling on your roof. Trees age and become rotten, and sometimes they get hit by lightning, so if you can envision damage occurring, take steps to prevent it.

Take Care of Trip and Slip Hazards

Finally, a smart safety maintenance idea is to prevent trip and slip hazards. This means taking care of any loose cables that may be anywhere in your home or on your property, and also means putting salt or deicing chemicals on sidewalks during slippery winter months.

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